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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing - Highly Targeted Advertising Solutions
The term 'social media marketing' is used to describe the levels of targeting available to advertisers through social networking websites.
Sydney’s Websites are proven leaders in Social Marketing and Advertising. If you'd like to target specific social & geographical audiences our social marketing & advertsing solutions are perfect. We will help you target exactly the right audience, who are most likely to buy your product or be interested in your service(s).

Why Social Media Marketing?
In the last 2 years, Social networking has increased in popularity (with social network sites such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace being the most memorable). This newly formed social standard has effectively created unprecedented levels of targeting opportunities for advertisers looking to home in on potential customers and (or) clients.


Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bebo & MySpace
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bebo and Myspace, to name just 5, all have advertising platforms which can be used to target your perfect audience with display advertising paid for by click, or per 1000 impressions (views).


Social Profile targeting
Social networking sites have a dynamic way of integrating advertising into their platforms. Advertisers can choose ideal target audiences and then build a perfect advertising campaign geared to that very audience (it is also possible to reach a specific audience based on exact social or geographic criteria using the advertising platforms developed by leading social network sites such as Facebook and MySpace).

Our expert Social Media Marketing team are here to help setup and manage your campaigns; from identifying your target audience and platforms through to tracking and reporting your results.

How can Sydney’s Websites help?
Sydney’s Websites is a pioneer of Social Media Marketing.
We can: 

Identify the right audience – We will help you determine the right audience for your business and give you its estimated size.   
Create a unique page (Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn / Bebo / MySpace) - We will build you a unique page promoting your business. We will help build a community of fans to your page, allowing you to alert them with latest releases, special offers and company updates.
Build your display ads – We will create and build your display ads, ensuring they’re creative, current and have maximum appeal for your target audience. 
Compilation and Stats Assessment – We will provide you with thorough data analysis, detailing how your ads are faring and who is clicking on them.
Return of Investment - We will send you monthly reports detailing how much you’re selling versus your monthly spend.

If you demand better results and think you could benefit from our high level Social Media Marketing approach, contact us today for a comprehensive marketing analysis.


Cost of This Plan AUD 99.00 per month

Maximum Keywords Research Rankings and Benchmark Report including back link analysis.
Onsite optimization including Meta tags, copy edits, sitemap generation.
Directory Submissions to relevant business directories.
  • Monthly Link Building Campaign.
  • Monthly Ranking Report Access to your own dedicated search engine optimization expert with priority support .